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jenk food was birthed from the encouragement of friends, family, and strangers who found that my travels and foodventures were worth sharing with the rest of the world.

When I first entered the working world, I never took vacation. Never. I had recently graduated college and figured I wasn’t in any position to, nor deserved any travel. *eye roll* Fast forward almost a decade later and I’ve made it a priority to do whatever it takes to just go somewhere. Doesn’t have to be luxurious, doesn’t have to be far. Just somewhere outside of San Diego that gets my creative juices flowing and away from my work computer. I’ve spent most of my weekends over the last two years road tripping and flying around the U.S — with a longer international trip, here and there. Now, I’m sharing those trips and offering tips for maximizing your precious weekends. Thus, jenk food, like “junk food.” Like the food you eat to treat yo’self.


Professionally, I write. Personally, I travel to find inspiration for my writing. I eat to explore the environment I’m fortunate to explore. I owe my love for roadtrips to my dad and my sense of wanderlust to my mom. I owe everything else regarding my travels to my rad network of friends and family. They truly make my travels, including everything else in my life, possible, and you’ll find out why in this blog.

I was born and raised in Los Angeles. I currently reside in San Diego and doing what I do best, keeping life tasty.


I’m happy to work with brands, businesses, and other writers looking to create some inspiring content.

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