Antelope Valley California Poppy Reserve

Unless you’ve been shut indoors without any connection to the Internet — besides to this blog for some reason, you’ve probably heard that wildflowers are blooming everywhere in California. And of course, I had to see this recent “superbloom” with my own eyes. I decided to head to Antelope Valley to smang on some poppies. They always remind me of my childhood home. We had them growing in our backyard, peeking out from the dirt during spring time. ~memories~

We stayed in Van Nuys Friday night and woke up extra early to head to the Antelope Valley California Poppy Reserve the next morning. And so glad we did. Traffic wasn’t TOO bad, but we still had to wait once we tried entering the state park. As we were leaving around noon, traffic was baaaaacked up. I want to say, if you arrived after 10am, it probably took roughly two or three hours to just get into the park. So if you’re planning to go, head over SUPER early.

With any state park, there’s a fee to enter: $10 per car. Not bad to help preserve this beautiful area. Luckily, we were able to snag a spot in the lot and didn’t have to park outside the park.

Once we stepped outside, you instantly see all the poppies poking out from the ground. Heart eyes all around. It’s so beautiful! We trekked up to the top to get a good view of the landscape. There aren’t as many wildflowers up there, but the view from there was amazing. You just see miles and miles of green fields blanketed with yellow and orange flowers. It’s like a IRL Monet. From up top, we were able to figure out where the fields were most saturated with orange poppies and went in that direction. To the poppies!

Of course, I had to snap some close-up pictures along the way.


Unfortunately, we saw several people trampling the flowers to take a photo. If you’re heading out there, please don’t go off the trails and step on the flowers. Just admire it from afar and give those guys a chance to thrive! It’s also very illegal to pick or destroy them.


The poppies are just an unreal hue of orange, especially when you see them in massive patches. These photos don’t do it justice. We stopped an embarrassingly high number of times to take photos. No judgment though. Everyone is doing it.


These blooms are expected to last until April, so head over ASAP! And with everyone and their babies going to Coachella this weekend, it’s probably a prime time to go.

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