jenk food x Kimposed New Apparel Line Photoshoot

If I had the opportunity, I’d go on photoshoots all day, every day. I love location scouting, hunting for unusual backdrops, and chasing that golden hour glow. But when I travel, I don’t bring along a bunch of models to shoot and, honestly, I feel awkward “modeling” in front of the camera. Sure, I do it for the ‘gram, but it’s still a weird feeling. Boyfran makes an excellent model *heart eyes*, but I like respecting his privacy and his non-Instagramming ways.

So when I’m given an opportunity to partner with a maker, like Kim from Kimposed, and a model, like Kristen, for a product shoot, I get ridiculously excited. Real products! Real model! True purpose! Yas.

Here are some of my favorites from the shoot.

Kristen is such a babe!
Bougainvillea backdrops are so hot right now.
Had to capture a smile with that Totodile x Jurassic Park print!
That slight pink tone of the staircase is everything.

All of these photos are shot with my Fujifilm X100S and post-processed in Adobe Lightroom.

If you need photography services for your blog, website, products, restaurant, etc., hit me up at! Will travel for views.

Also, Kim from Kimposed gave a behind-the-scenes look at the photoshoot on her blog. Check it out to see some of my awkward poses behind the camera.

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