I always like trying new places, but there are some spots that I return to again and again. One of those places is Salud in Barrio Logan.

I noticed that I always scrunch my toes in my sandals. Now I can’t unnotice.

Now, Barrio Logan was one of those unsavory locations in San Diego that most people avoided. Just from its appearance, people avoided it. Unfortunate because the most delicious Mexican food comes from those sketchy looking buildings. My first introduction to Barrio Logan was Las Cuatro Milpas, back in 2005-ish. Dank then. Dank now.

Fast forward 12 years. There are coffee roasters, new breweries, art galleries, and, of course, new eateries lining the streets of Barrio Logan. What was once an avoided area in San Diego is now a mention that spills out of every foodie’s mouth.

And rightfully so. Salud is so good. They focus mainly on tacos, with daily specials. This time around, I went on a Wednesday. SHRIMP WEDNESDAYYYY. For $9, you get 3 shrimp tacos in any variety (grilled, fried, surf & turf). We ordered a mix of the 3, plus, my favorite, the birria taco and their al pastor. The grilled and fried shrimp tacos were delicious, the surf & turf… was okay. You know. It’s pretty difficult finding a place that does carne asada right. Most times, it’s tough and made with low quality beef. I have to say, Oscar’s surf & turf is muuuuuch tastier. But taste is subjective.

There are 3 shrimp tacos in this basket…

The birria is always a go-to for me there. It reminds me of the tacos that my friend’s mom makes whenever she throws her backyard parties. Both are excellent and terrible for you (think deep-fried taco), but worth every bite. Just spend a few extra minutes (maybe hours) at the gym and all will be well. (note: I’m not a fitness expert… you do you)

Birria taco and Al Pastor taco

Also had their agua fresca of the day (watermelon and lime) cuz it was hot as balls outside. Perfect. Actually, scratch that. I don’t really need a reason to drink agua fresca. Always say yes to agua fresca.

Besides the delicious food, the artwork that surrounds you is worth a visit on its own. It’s so vibrant and very representative of the culture you’re enjoying in that moment. I just love this place.

What’s your favorite taco at Salud?

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